Here We Go Again

Susie came to visit me in Sofia, Bulgaria and it was a great time. Had much fun shopping club hopping and getting to know each other sans kids for the first time in a long time.

I am settling in to my new job here in Macedonia quickly and have been getting very spoiled at the Italian coffie bar.
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Here's to you little one. You came into my life five years ago and changed my life forever. Your little giggles and belly laughs, pains in my booty, tickles and girlie kisses I would never trade for anything. Thank you for making my life better, thank you for making me remember not to take myself too seriously and to stop every once in a while and just take life in a little. Have a good little number five my dear and remember that your daddy loves you.

Happy birthday.
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Grease Trap

I feel like my section here has had a problem with a few things left over from last rotation. They took no for an answer one too many times and we on this rotation are trying to fix it. Well we are almost at a solution and I feel an ever so slight shift in the grimy grease trap of a backlog we have here. Im not expecting the whole thing to shoot down the drain immediatly, but I can feel the shift. We have learned a lot over the last few months and impressed quite a few folks, gotten ourselves trained up and ready for the worst.

PS I checked on my orange the other day. It has completly decomposed and left no trace. Its amazing how fast things can desintegrate once it gets warm again. It literaly was there one day and gone the next... kinda like us in the grand scheme of things.

So I want to raise up my little orange and pay omage, to a great, great little orange. Ive never had a citris product ever teach me soo much about life. So wherever little oranges go after they die, here's to you little orange... may your path be never crossed by pain or sorrow and may you lay your weary head down forever more and finaly rest thinking happy orange thoughts.
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Im Loved

Thanks everbody. Really, thank you all for making my birthday and the last couple of trying weeks all bearable. I really appreciate the special teddy bear and all the movies and goodies. Yum. Fortunatly I have plenty of help eating it or I would be as big as a house.
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Happy Birthday To ME

I cashed in on a birthday present yesterday. I went and got a massage at the gym. They have Tai and Sweedish available so I got both. I needed it. My eye stopped twitching but it has not affected my bitchy mood. But I feel well lubricated and feeling no pain. Kinda like a car thats just been washed and taken in for an oil change. It was worth every penny.
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Ahhhhhhh, Java

I downloaded Java today. The Army bought licenses to Rosettta Stone. I needed Java. Ive been monkeying around with it for weeks and Steve walks up rummages through my settings and says You need Java. Duuuhhh, I didnt even think of it before. Oh well.

I took more pics of the lonely orange. I cant believe its still there.
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Must keep blogging. I feel like Im stuck with this snow here. Its almost melted away. I cant wait for it to go. Not unlike my stay.
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Week of Weeks

I just went through one of the toughest weeks yet. I realized that I had now been here doing my job for a month. I feel like I just got here yesterday.

Day of Days

To end the week I had just about the best experience I ever had yet. I started the day out at the range doing a recon with a bunch of paratroopers from Portugal. They were really cool, and young, and enthusiastic. It was good to see. So much of the time I don't see that from different foreign units. I then got some good stuff done at the office and took Ollie to our HQ up north for some shopping and to see his buddy up there. It was great. I bought a little Japanese fountain (8 Euro) and some Italian Espresso. I should have gotten the more expensive fountain because the motor on this one is loud. I mean the reason you have a fountain is to hear the water right. If anybody has any good Ideas how to cut expresso into regular coffee let me know. Of course, that would only happen if there was anybody actually reading this.

Anyway, I then went back to prison chatted online with DW and watched a movie with my buddies. Watched 40 year old virgin. Man it was funny. I then played a video game until I got sleepy.

What a great day... I still would give it up to go home.
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